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Chick with wet butt

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One of my chicks (Buff Orphingon) has a wet butt and I cannot figure out why.  Sometimes it is dry but you can tell it was wet and dried on the feathers. I have cleaned the butt and in 2 or less days has a wet butt or there is a dry mark telling me it was wet again. I have watched the chick poop and there is nothing wrong with her poop or does not appear to have a difficult time pooping. Can you please tell me what could be wrong???  There is also no feathers around the wet butt and from time to time she appears to be picking at her bottom. 


By the way, the chick is almost 4 weeks old. Please help I don't want her to suffer! 

post #2 of 2 baby butt! I came across something called vent gleet which seems to have the symptoms you are speaking about. Sound like a little yeast infection. I've added a link. I hope she gets better!
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