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Hen with bald butt

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My buff brahma has had a bald butt for months now. Ive tried everything that i can think of. Higher protein food, meal worms, checked for mites, sprayed with bluekote, changed food to feather fixer, watched for picking etc. Her feathers just wont grow back! We had a blizzard last week and now her butt is really red but she acts fine, eats, scavenges, digs, lays eggs, follows me around and seems healthy. What else can i do?
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Do you have any pictures?

Feather mites could cause feather loss and bright red skin. They cannot be seen with the naked eye.

Does she roost at night?

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Yes she does roost. We just put new roosting bars in yesterday
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Is she a good layer?

Could be she just has loss due to putting her energy into eggs instead of feathers.

Found this for you:

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Its hard to tell who is laying what but im getting eggs everyday. My welsummer has decided to moult on her neck so she isnt laying. Her feathers are coming in now.
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