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Antibiotic for a chicken

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Mt daughters chickens were attacked by a bobcat. One made it but she is missing the skin under her wing. We have been putting EMT gel on the open wound. She is alert, eating and drinking. So I was wondering what type of antibiotic to buy?

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How long ago was the attack?

Is the wound infected?

Do you have any photos?

Chickens are fairly resilient in healing on their own.

Flush the wound well with saline or diluted betadine solution.

Not familiar with EMT gel, but most people put Vetericyn spray or neosporin on the wound and keep the hen isolated to heal.

Keep her in a quiet place and offer vitamins/electrolytes in her water.


If it is infected there are many antibiotics on the market to choose from. Another member or your vet may be able to advise which one is best suited for infected wounds.


Here is a link of what medications are available without prescription.

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The attack was Friday Night. Noticed the wound Saturday afternoon. It does not look infected. Thank you for the link of medications. 

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