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Sick Silkie hen

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My Martha scared hell out of me last night when I went out to let my girls out for their nightly free range before bedtime: she was collapsed under the ramp up to the hen house. I thought she was dead. She wasn't, so I picked her up and examined her gently. I could find nothing obvious, so we brought her on and gave her a warm bath in Epsom salts. She seemed to enjoy it, even the blow dryer, and survived the night. She now looks a lot better. We have brought her inside wanting to isolate her from the rest of the flock.

She is skinny, but she's always been skinny. She is less than a year old, previously a good layer, and the chicken run sheriff - super fierce in guarding the other girls, definitely top of the pecking order. She seems lethargic to me, but I don't know what I expect her to do inside a small cage indoors. She hasn't eaten or had much water, but she pooped at some point. She has very occasionally (not a constant thing, not frequent) flicked her head to the side, which I have never seen her do.

What can I do for her? Any ideas about what this might be?

Ps - the water is funny because I put a couple of drops of molasses in it, hoping to entice her
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I would keep her warm, and try to get her to drink some electrolyte/vitamin water such as SaveAChick or other brand. Feed her a little chopped egg, bits of tuna, and add some water to a small amount of feed to make it soupy. Feel of her crop to make sure it isn't distended, check for any lice or mites, and make sure that she is moving her legs normally. Dehydration can cause her to be lethargic. Think about worming her. Look at her droppings for any diarrhea or blood.

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She's doing much better now- thanks!
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Good to hear, thanks for the update.

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