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Green & White Poop and worms

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Just wondering if anyone knows what type of worm this is (pictured)?  

My Brown Shaver has had loose green & white poop for over a week now, as you can see in the picture (middle right).  It is about 15mm.  She is still eating and drinking ok.  I have made an appointment with the vet for tomorrow to get her checked out and then I found this worm this morning. 


She doesn't roost at night, have never been able to get her to and her bottom and underneath has recently become quite red and sometimes very raw (from sleeping on poop / acidity??).  In a way I guess this is good that she sleeps in her own little corner away from the others at the moment as her poop doesn't fall / spread all over the coop.


Will check with vet tomorrow and get worm treatment but just wanted to see if anyone knew as I haven't been able to figure out what type of worm it is and if this might be why her poop is this colour / consistency.

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Welcome to BYC. Could it be a maggot or something that got onto the poop after it was passed? Valbazen 1/2 ml orally to each chicken, then repeated in 10 days is a good wormer for most chicken worms.Here are some links about worms with pictures of round worm and tapeworm, and most  worms are hard to see without a microscope:

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Welcome to BYC! I see two bugs:




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Thank you both. The vet has confirmed my girl doesn't have worms or coccidia, which is good news for the other girls. Unfortunately she is on her way out, has adhesions etc and not egg bound but a bit of old stuff built up. Not treatable at this stage so will have to euthanize.
The green loose poop is due to not eating enough. She has been eating and drinking a bit but there are obviously issues there.
The 'worm' in the picture wasn't a maggot, too large, but the vet thinks it definitely didn't come from the chicken, it is most likely from a beetle. Surprised me how fast it appeared though as I have been emptiying her poop out every morning.

Anyway, thanks again.
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Having droppings build up on the vent area, especially during warm weather can lead to fly stike, and maggot infestation inside her vent. Do you know if she ever suffered a prolapsed vent earlier? That can lead to necrotic tissue and ifficulty keeping the vent clean. Also vent gleet, a fungal or bacterial infection of the digestive tract can cause a lot of damage. Sorry about your hen. You may want to use a chicken safe insecticide inside your coop to help prevent the insects.

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