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Hen lethargic and unsteady.

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Hello all, hopefully this post is not too late. 


I have one of my hens that is ill. At first I thought she went broody but yesterday I realized different. Last night we found that she was covered in mites so I thought that could be it but today she has gotten much worse so I assume I can rule out the mites. 


She is a 9 1/2 month old New Hampshire. We live in Minnesota and the coop is not heated at this time.( I run a heat lamp to take the chill off when its sub zero temperatures) The temperature has been unseasonably warm this last month.10-35 deg f.  They have a covered and plastic run for the cold days( around 0deg f)  and on the warmer days they have a fenced in area outside. 


I feed them regular, non medicated, layer feed with scratch grain as a treat when outside the run. 


They have not been wormed and show no signs at this time. I am treating for mites today.


One poo of hers I saw was very watery. What wasn't water was a light yellow color.


I contacted the vet in town but he does not do chickens.


Any thoughts? 


here is a video of her.


Thanks in advance.


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Thank you for posting a video.

It could be a number of things from vitamin deficiency to some type of illness/disease.

I would try to get some vitamins down her. I'm thinking something with Vitamin b & e . Something like Durvet or Sav-A Chick, they both have a fairly broad array of vitamins that may help. Both can generally be found at Tractor Supply.

It could also be something like Marek's disease. But there are other illnesses that can "mimic" or look initially like Marek's, parasites (mites/lice) can be one of them. I see you are going to treat for them, so that is good.

Here is a really good article on Marek's by BYC member @Nambroth  there is a section of the "mimics".

I am also giving you a link to common poultry diseases. There is a chart at the end for symptom comparison that may be helpful.

That being said, if you can you may want to separate her. Hydration is very important when a chicken is ill, so if you can push fluids.

Food of course if important as well, if she won't eat her layer feed dry you can try it wet, a boiled or scrambled egg or tuna would be good as well. Whatever you can get into her.

Hopefully someone else may be able to give you a bit more insight.


Pictures of Vitamins:


Links to vitamins deficiencies:


Common Poultry Diseases:

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Thanks for the response. Unfortunately she didn't make it through the night. I separated her yesterday and gave her electrolytes and vitamin supplements but she never stood up again after that video. Hopefully it is not Mareks.


Thanks again.

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I am sorry to hear that. :hugs

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