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Four 1.5 year old hens need new home - Bedford, Texas

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All 4 hens are laying and are in good health. I don't know what breeds they are, from looking through the breeds section here, 2 of them look like Barred Rocks and 2 look like Ameraucanas. I can't attach pictures here for some reason. Anyway, this is our first attempt at raising chickens and I think we did it for all the wrong reasons. We thought it would be fun and we'd be eating a bit healthier by eating fresh eggs. But we just don't have the room or the time for these girls. We have virtually no grass in our backyard. We thought what we had would be enough but they want more. They routinely bust out of their coop and have a blast running around our pool area. While it may be fun hiding in the bushes, I just don't think its very fair for them to not have room to roam and its definitely not sanitary to have chickens all over the pool area. I hope someone with more room is able to give them the home they deserve. 

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Hey there! You're near my uncle in North Richland Hills. I have a flock of about 15 hens right now, but we live in more of a suburban-type setting. Still, I'd be happy to take your girls in. We've got land, but our hens are only free to roam the covered part of our land during the day, which ends up being about the size of a large backyard. (Hawks, you know.)  They only truly free range when we're out with them in the mornings and evenings. But if you're looking for somebody to take them who has more acreage, I'd be able to pick them up and bring them to my mom up in the metroplex area. She has a big farm with cows and goats and hens and a big barn. I can send you pictures of the set-up if you'd like. Anyway, I thought I'd offer if you're still looking for a new home, but otherwise all the people on here make great homes, too :) So your ladies should be in great hands. 

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Thanks for the response. I think anything that is more than they have now has got to be better for them. Our backyard is a little on the small size, made that much smaller by the pool and stone ground everywhere but by the shed. We made a bad decision, we know that now! We thought if it didn't work out that we could just have a nice meal out of them but after watching them grow from one day old babies, there is no way I'd be able to do that! I would like to see the set-up you have, if you do have the pictures available. It will help ease my husband's (and my) fears about giving them away. I'm sure you understand!

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Of course. It's so much harder to cull than you think it'd  be. But I'm going to shoot you a PM, ok?

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I'm coming to Dallas the weekend, do you still have them?
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They successfully made it to their new home, and even laid an egg.

Thank you for the hens.

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We are so glad to hear they're loving their new home. Thank you for taking them!
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