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i need help with coop plans

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I have six chickens. One is an ee cockerel, three are ee pullets and two are production red pullets. I live on about an acre and plan on letting my chickens free range after i get out of school. I was wondering tho if theyll be ok with the rooster around once their older. Anyways I want to build a simple coop and run that is big enough for the six of em. I am not constructive and o dont have many tools outside of a hammer, some screwdrivers and a tape measure. I already have two 4x8 sheets of plywood that i can use for walls or something but i (and by i i mean my parents) will have to buy other things. So like what are the easiest designs thatll do their job and not be too expensive??
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Here is a link showing a pic of a pretty simple design weather or not if u can read the demention shut there is a YouTube video I might be able to find and put in another link and the video has all the dementions of it and the building process
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I couldn't get the link and I tryed taking a screen shot but now I can't get the pic to upload
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Do you know what the video is callex?
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Well because of that could you go to google images and search simple chicken coop designs for 6 chickens you get some pretty simple designs there so you could pick one of those and might not have to buy a lot of tools and spend a lot of money to build a chicken coop and you could try some reletives and see if u could barrow some tools and or supply's that they weren't planning on using
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Well here is a link of a good simple design good luck.
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I got the link to work hope this helps
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That was a good video. I just dont have the tools for all that but ill look at google images
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This coop can be built 4x8 so not to much cutting.

You could build this with a jig saw, screwdriver, hammer and nails. You may need to rent a compound miter saw or such for the framing.

Using a jig saw for the siding is more difficult than a circular saw but certainly do able.




I would put the nest box inside if I built another one like this. To hard to seal it up.

You can see the rafters and framing since they are not painted like the wall pieces.

This one was 4x6 made to fit the space I had but could be done 4x8 easily.


Just a suggestion.

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Ok I hope you find one you like
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