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Ripped toenail out

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I have a 7 week old bantam chick. She had dried poop on her toe that they have on the back of their leg. I took the poop off but her toenail completely came out with it. I soaked it in rubbing alcohol but it continued to bleed. And then I tried peroxide and it stopped the bleeding but everytime she moves she wipes it off and it starts bleeding again. What do I do? Will she bleed out? I will feel so bad if she dies from this. Please help
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Alcohol is a blood thinner but I don't know the effect of soaking it, peroxide is not needed unless there is debris in it, cornstarch or a styptic pencil will stop the bleeding she won't bleed out unless it is continually bleeding a pic might help though just keep her quiet long enough for a tougher scab to form

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How do I do the cornstarch thing?
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just pour a little out on a napkin or something in a little pile and take the toe and dip it in the top of the little pile no bigger around than you pinky that will help thicken the blood to form sort of an artificial clot which will help keep more blood from coming out until a good scab forms

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Can I use corn meal
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Never mind I found some corn starch
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Awesome try that and see how it comes out that has worked before for me

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I dipped her toe so far so good. Thanks so much. I would have been up with her all night if you wouldn't have told me about the corn starch
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yep no problem just make sure she stays still for a while to make sure that is scabs over that is the important thingĀ 

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