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Umm.. Well. Can't say I've noticed my buttons blinking at med :P But in general, if an animal blinks at you, it would suggest it's calm and relaxed. So that's my best guess.

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How smart are button n quail? Like do they have a small brain and don't remember what spooked them?
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Some people say quail are stupid. Personally I find my buttons are very attentive to their surroundings and they seem to have good memories. But I'm not sure they'd realise on the first try that they had to walk around a mesh fence placed between them and a treat (which is one way to assess how 'smart' an animal is). I'm tempted to try it though, just to know ^^

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When is the right time to separate the mom from the chicks. It's been about 8 weeks and the male keeps calling all the time. When can I put mom back with the male?
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I usually separate them when it's getting hard to tell mom from the female chicks, which - for my wild colored buttons - is around 6 weeks, as far as I remember. So 8 weeks should be just fine. Though, if mom and dad haven't been right next to each other while separated, I'd probably put them next to each other for a week or so before reintroducing them, so they get used to each others presence first.

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Mom and dad have been right next to each other so they should be fine. I'm not sure if the chicks know how to drink out of a rodent water bottle (that's what I use for them since I can't find a poultry waterer small enough for quail)
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If they have a rodent water bottle now and haven't had anything else, they'd be dead if they couldn't use it. And as far as I know they are rather quick learners when it comes to getting water.

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I've been occasionally filling up the old jar lid with marbles just in case. But I just saw them drink from the bottle so it should be good
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Do you think the chicks will miss their mother? I would really prefer if they don't all start chirping all the time as my bedroom is right above them.
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They might miss her, but I think it'll pass. I don't remember how much mine were calling after the separation, if at all, but they are outside so I could have forgotten ^^ I do remember them becoming more nervous though, when they didn't have the parents to show them I wasn't dangerous.

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