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$5 auto chicken door

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I have made on of the automatic chicken doors fond hereĀ

I used two 12v 1.5 amp plugs for the power source and but the door on ball bearing cabinet gliders. the door opens and closes but only partially some times. does anyone have any suggestions to make this set up more reliable so that it would open and close all the way every time? would the antenna motor be more powerful it i used power converters with higher amps? should i not use the drawer ball bearing sliders to attach the door? please help

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The linked instructions on that thread used 5amp power supplies so it sounds as if you don't have enough juice. Or a defective antennae.

Is the door heavy? Will the antennae move all the way up and down when not attached to the door?

Do you have a multimeter and can measure the current when it is going up?
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