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Hello! I can not describe how happy I am to have found other chicken enthusiasts! I could talk about them all day but I've noticed that, for some strange reason, people around me are slightly less interested... At the moment I have three wonderful chickens - Evelyn (brown), Katie and Rosie (white). They are all less than 2 years old. Katie and Rosie have been rescued from the death camps (aka factory farms), on two separate occasions - Katie in November and Rosie just a few weeks ago. She's been HOME(!) for 10 days now but still looking a bit battered. ...and she's got a watery diarrhoea... But she eats and drinks very well and seems to be enjoying her new life! Evelyn, my incredibly brave brown chicken started limping her right leg yesterday and today she's not her jolly self at all - very quiet and hardly moves around. Needless to say I'm worried sick... She did eat in the morning and layed an egg. I gave her a warm foot bath with turmeric in it (is that a good idea?) and a foot/leg massage with warm coconut oil... If she's not better by tomorrow we'll be going to the doctor. They bring so much joy but when when they're poorly it's heartbreaking...
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You're welcome.

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