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Help, Quail dying

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I bought 6 quail about 3 weeks ago, they have been fine, feeding the same feed as they had before and they looked healthy and happy.  Yesterday one died, feathers everywhere and the bottom of the quail was where they came from, the quail was much larger than all but one other.  Today the other large one died the same way but I noticed she was weak and could not walk and had lost most of the underneath feathers.


They are inside a green house and no predators can get to them, 1/2 x 1 wire also.  I have no idea what caused it.  All the rest are very healthy and strong.


My first quail so could use some help if anyone has seen this before.  Thanks

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Sounds strange.. What kind of quail? And what sex and age? Boinking is an option, but it doesn't really match the loss of feathers. What's in that greenhouse? Do you use fertilizer on soil they can access? Is it dry or moist where the quail are? Do they have bedding or just dirt? Perhaps a pic would help give someone an idea as to what's going on.

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There is no fertilizer or pesticides in or used in the green house, all natural.  They are COTURNIX  and about 6 weeks old.  They are kept in a wire cage off the ground with a nest box and all the food and water they want.  They have a sand dish with sand and DE also. They are kept dry and no drafts but have plenty of ventilation.


Any ideas anyone?  Thanks

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When feathers are loose in the pen and there are no predators id be more inclined to think theyre killing each other. Were these birds always caged together or just since you purchased them?
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