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She is still alive. She is eating, drinking, and having diarrhea still. Still looks weak and just lays around.


I bathed her tonight since her bum was caked with poo. I want her to be comfortable. I also got to see how skinny she is. The outlook is not good, but she is still hanging on.


The rest of the flock is fine.




If she does not turn around by Saturday we may cull her.


I don't know what is going on with her.

How long before the oxytetracycline will start to work, if it does work?

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Poo is still clear water with green, though the green is firming some and every so often a tan poo.
Stinkier with the antibiotic.

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my other question.


Could she have anything that could effect our children? I have her in the house penned.

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I doubt that she has anything that would be dangerous to your children. Of course, anyone should always wash their hands after handling the chickens. I hate that she is no better. If it could be botulism, they can survive usually, if they survive the first 2 days. But if she has Mareks, it will be fatal eventually. I would get her refrigerated body necropsied by your state vet if you cull her, and have them test for Mareks. It's fairly important to know whether or not that is what she has, since it could affect any other chickens.

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Save a chic electrolyte and maybe a different antibiotic like amoxicillin may help. Keep on probiotics too. Could / be sour crop too. They act pretty sick with that.
My last sick chicken acting like that I gave olive oil and bread and applecider vinegar on advice of another chicken owner and it cleared her sour crop. So you could have sour crop going on
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How is your hen doing freedom chick?

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Still alive, but weak. eating and drinking less.


She still eats the applesauce with crumble. Taking water, but a lot less.


I backed off the antibiotic and I'm giving her save a chick electrolytes. My other chickens are still okay.


She has been shaking her head I have noticed, in watching her. I checked for lice and mites. Nothing.

I checked my other chickens. clean.


How do I give the olive oil an bread?

How much ACV?

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I would not recommend giving her oil and bread since she does not have symptoms of impacted crop. Back in post number two I had suggested the possibility that she may be suffering from coccidiosis. It is treated with Corid in the water. Dosage is 1.5 tsp of the powder per gallon of water for 5 days. If you try it, I would give her some concentrated Corid, a couple of drops twice a day since she is not drinking well. If she dies I would recommend getting a necropsy by your state vet.

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Oh man I hope she gets better soon. I lost a chicken to the same symptoms. I must not have been giving her enough corid.
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