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So Im hoping the Corid has started working, since I just started it two night ago. I didn't loose any more babies over night! Im feeling a little relieved and still a little worried. I think ill feel much better once the treatment is over! Thank you guys so much for all of your help. Its been a crazy few days. :) 

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So I lost another one this morning. :hitIm feeling so defeated. Ive been running the Corid Meds for 3 days now and I still lost my Buff Orph. Now Ive also noticed that they're getting little sneezy. What should I do about that? I just want these little girls to stay alive! Im so stressed over all of this. I will never ever buy from someone agin that doesn't know the difference between Araucana, Easter Egger and Ameraucana (The guy that sold me the original 4 sick chicks what a total idiot. I had a bad feeling about it, but didn't listen to my gut. Lesson learned :he). Btw I didn't mean to imply that I'm an expert at all, I still have plenty to learn. :caf

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Have you spoken with the guy who sold you the original four chicks to ask if he's had any recent deaths or illness in his stock?


If he's a private breeder who doesn't really know what he's doing, it's entirely possible that his chickens are carrying a disease that may be getting passed to the chicks that he's and not showing signs of being sick. But the disease is still present and is then passed on to chicks as the egg develops in the hen carrying the disease, even though she shows no signs of being sick.


What I would do is refrigerate that little chick that just died and call your university extension office and find out where to send the body for a necropsy. That will tell you very quickly, the same day even, how your chicks are dying. It won't cost a lot, I promise, and is really worth it to know for sure what's going on.

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Oh no! my Goodness it certainly does sound like the chicks mother could have been a carrier of a illness! as mentioned carriers won't display any symptoms but can pass the illness to other birds!Also to their own chicks! It could have happened as innocently as his hen getting sick then recovering. Making her a carrier of that illness. Some people don't know that chickens don't get colds. They usually get a virus or a disease. They can also get a secondary infection from either of above. The problem is the people think they are fine after but the problem is having gone through the virus they then carry that virus always. meaning all chicks they have can likely be infected. Also meaning it can be passed to adult birds as well. because they do not display symptoms, their owners donot think they are ill.and while they likely not ill any more they still carry the virus and are infecting I'm pretty sure the flock owner isn't aware of what's happening and will likely claim all his birds are healthy. This is how things like this happen, sadly.poor little chicks. How are the chicks breathing? listen closely and make sure they are not wheezing. Do they have. mucus coming out? Sometimes chicks do sneeze due to bedding or dust, but in this case, I'm not sure it's not a virus passed down to them. Just make sure they are not struggling to breathe. what a nightmare. I'm so sorry you have to go through this!!
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How much Corid are you putting in the water? Is the Corid water their only source of drinking water? Are you making fresh medicated water each day?
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I'm trying to stay positive. I just went to pick up vet rx for their sniffles. Anyone know how I should administer it? They seem to be doing okay right now, but lord knows with my luck it could change at any minute.

I've been doing 1/4 tsp for their 1 qt water bottle. It's changed every 24 hrs. They only have that water as their only source.

On a side note, when can you give chicks treats? I can't remember.
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I don't think you are giving them enough Corid. Are you using liquid or powder?
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I think the formula for liquid Corid treatment, (you may be mixing the preventative dose), is two teaspoons per quart. That's what I've always used. Enola's right. You aren't making it strong enough to treat active cocci.


I think you should be able to give them the RX sniffle meds by eye dropper in the eyes if it comes with an eye dropper. What does the directions say?

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What ended up happening? I'm currently experiencing a similar situation and its heart breaking. I get attached to those little fluff balls and I wake up each morning and another one is gone. No idea why. I feel like I'm doing everything right and I even asked the hatchery and they agreed. :hu

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I needed up loosing 13 chicks. It's was horrible! I still have zero idea as to why. I'm so sorry you're going through this, I ended up with 18 left out of 31 chicks. sad.png
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