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Minni Egg Hatch

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So, Dec 1, I found a very tiny bantam egg on the floor of the chicken coop. I blew it out and there was no yolk in it.

(Left to right) store egg, mini egg, bantam egg.

Four days ago I found another mini egg outside, on the ice. The temperature was above freezing so IF it had a yolk, and IF it was fertilized, and IF it hadn't froze it would hatch into an extremely tiny chick. So I stuck it under my broody hen along with the fake eggs she was sitting on. (We ordered chicks for her, they should be here in about a month)
Also I candled it and it didn't look like it had a yolk but I stuck it under her anyway.

So TODAY I candled it and it looked like there was a dark blob floating on the top side of the egg! Hoping it will hatch. Will keep you updated best I can.

Please, no negative comments.
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Looks like a fart egg, or more politely called "fairy egg". They aren't super unusual but probably won't hatch! Fingers crossed though and i would LOVE to see a chick that tiny! 

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Yah! This one is just the tiniest bit bigger than the first one. I'm just a little worried that the chick might have defects or something.
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I am also curious what will come out from this tiny egg.   Keep us informed on progress when you candle it again.


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Do you know how old the hen is that laid it?

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I don't even know WHO layed it! Lol!
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Well it's a bantam.
It could be Muffin, she has never layed an egg before and her feathers are so poor she almost looks frizzled, some of her feathers have turned white even. She will be 3 in March. (My sister thinks it's her)
It could be one of the eight pullets that we got last March.
Other than that I don't know.
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This is muffin, she is a Quail Antwerp Belgain (or is it Belgium?) bantam D'Anver
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Day 5!
I read up on candling eggs and the dark blob I saw was a yolk floating around in there. I can't see any veins yet because it is a dark brown egg. It is hard not to candle it every day tongue.png I will try to wait until day 10 to candle it again. Right now it looks like this egg:

Not my pic I found it on google, ignore the arrow. I can't take pics of it because I use my phone light to candle it.
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Day 6!
(I'm not counting the day I found it anymore)
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