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Yeah, it would be pretty unlikely that it does hatch..... but it would be SO COOL if it did!
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Day 16
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Marshmallow is the one who has been sitting on the eggs so far. I have been wondering what I was going to do with the other eggs if the tiny egg hatched. I was going to take the tiny chick away from her until she hatched the other eggs.
But today it seems as though my other Cochin bantam Dot is on the edge of going broody so if the tiny egg does hatch I'll stick the other eggs under Dot. The only problem is Dot is vicious! She won't let me reach under her to collect eggs anymore (although I do it anyway) and I don't want her to teach her chicks to be afraid of people.



Day 4 for other eggs
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Do the egg maneuvers  when it is dark.  With one hand pet her on top, and with the other slip under toward the eggs.

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I get her eggs, it just hurts a little.
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Day 17 for the tiny egg.
I candled it, still looks like a yolk, I'm 87% sure it's not going to hatch sad.png sorry folks.

Day 5
I candled the eggs, over half the egg is dark and I can see veins in all of them. big_smile.png
There are four, two are Dots (I think) one is from one of our Mille fleurs, and one should be a buff brahma bantam egg. They will all be at least half buff brahma.

This is the father, Pumpkin.

The chicks we ordered still haven't been put in the incubator yet.
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Now that I can actually see the chick developing (it helps that the eggs aren't as dark) I am getting excited, I call it Chick Fever. I haven't even told mom I put the eggs under her yet... I should probably do that.
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I got home from school and checked on the chickens. Marshmallow was off the best and her eggs were cold. Mom had taken her off. I asked mom How long she had been off the nest and she said a couple hours, she thought she would jump back in her pen.

😡 The eggs might not hatch now.
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Is the yolk supposed to stick to the side of the shell? The embryo moves when I move the egg but the yolk and veins aren't moving.
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Understand that the yolk is the source of nutrients and building blocks that make a chick grow and happen.     All of the yolk will eventually be absorbed to create that cute little fuzz ball  AKA chick. :):jumpy

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