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So the other day I checked on my girls and Ms Peep is missing part of her comb. Pictures are from first day no from now.  I was advised she may be getting picked on by the other girls. So I set up extra water and food so she would not be attacked by the others.  Well yesterday I went to check on her and now all of her comb is gone and one of her eyes is not opening. And she did not want to leave the nesting box. So I have moved her from the other girls.  She is still eating and drinking. She has quit laying. Guess that is stress. Any advice? 

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Welcome to BYC. I would use either Vetericyn spray, BluKote, or Plain Neosporin on her comb. I would crate her inside the coop, so you don't have her getting beat up when she comes back. You need to spend some time with the chickens during the daytime outside to find out who is bullying her. There is always one the lowest in the pecking order, but a bully should be separated for a few days away from the flock, or re-homed if she doesn't change. Make sure they have enough room inside the coop, are eating at least 16-20% protein in their layer feed, and are getting outside to free range where they will be less likely to pick on one another.

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Thanks for the advice. only problem is I work during the day. I can keep her in the coop and away from the bad ones. good thing is it is Thursday and I will watch this weekend to find out who is picking on her. and seprate that bad chicken. Thanks again!

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It's a little off topic but what breed is she?

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She is a Speckled Sussex

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I tried to find out who was picking on her. When I put her with the others 3 of the 4 picked on her. So I am thinking maybe she is sick and that is the reason they are trying to get her out of the group.  

SO.... I decided to move her to her own area. And after a few days she looks like she is feeling better even the eye that was pecked at is now open and looking good. Eating and drinking well.  

Now it has been 6 days apart from the rest and she is really, really acting better.  Last evening we opened her enclosure again and she finally came out on her own.  She even tried to jump a fence (but she was too fat) to get in with the others.  The rooster  came over where she was not sure if he was trying mate with her or hurt her so he was quickly removed from her area.  

Sooooooo...... what do you think? Should I try to put her back with the others or leave her to herself?  

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Clean it up with an Epsom salt mixture and put neosporin on. Make sure it has NO PAINKILLERS OR WORDS WITH THE SUFFIX -CAIN IN IT!
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