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The company I work for mailed me a cookie tin for my birthday. I have Celiac's so couldn't eat the cookies but instead made an awesome water heater for my chickens. The cookie tin has my firm's logo on it which I found humorous. I shared a pic of the finished product with my boss. He thought it was great, although is not planning on adding a chicken water heater to our promotional gifts. A free gift and an old busted lamp I found in our storage room. I'm not out a penny on this project!


Good story! Let's see a photo of it.


BTW, I think it's only fair if your company gets you a birthday gift that you can eat, wear, or spend — after all, how many water heaters can you use? Ha! :D

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I meant to add that I plugged the new heater into the second outlet of the same ThermoCube used for the heater in the coop. Love my ThermoCubes!

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If you live in an area with Menards home centers, they have a cookie tin (11.5 x 3.25) on sale this weekend for 3.99. Sugar cookies and a great size tin for a waterer.

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I saw this idea last night and knew I HAD to have one! So I went to or local thrift store and bought me lamp and a cookie tin(had the light bulb). It cost me $2.50 and a loving hubby to get mine done. Here it is and it will be in use tonight! 

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My modification to the "cookie tin" heater.


Used 10 bulb section of an old Christmas light string.  The type with screw in 5w C8 bulbs (and LED string may save you $ but not going to heat anything).  This allows you to adjust the heat output as required for temp by loosing/tighting bulbs.  Work well for 0 temp this winter. 


Obviously could further adjust heat output by increasing or decreasing the length of light string you use.

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