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Originally Posted by Fire Ant Farm View Post

You need to pick Dax... She deserves it lots and lots... 
thanks for the kind sentiment. Especially tonight.
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Awesome giveaway. I would love either some blue, green, olive, or chocolate eggs to add to my flock. Right now I have partridge rocks but have always been intrigued by the other colors available. Thank you for offering the contest.
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Nice thanks for doing a giveaway. Any eggs would be fun to try. The Heritage Dominiques strike me fancy.
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I just bought my brines incubator from you guys and am super excited about hatching this year. I am just starting to get serious with this at my age (16) after a few other successful hobbies I've taken up, but nothing was quite as fun and useful as raising birds and watching them get old enough to lay... much less to watch them hatch. I like most any breeds, mainly because I love something about each breed I have researched. I would love some eggs to test out my incubator and turner that I bought from y'all not even a week ago.

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I've been searching for GLWyandottes, but love fun chickens! Recently been looking for dorkings for white eggs and favorelles for their sweet nature and super puffy cuteness.
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Would love to try the incubator for the first time with MPC's lovely eggs!
Salmon Favorelle, Swedish flower, mottled Cochin bantam or some eggs from the fun and funky would be great!
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This is awsome thank you for this contest. If I had to pick it would be between the rees cream legbars, intense blue egg layer, or the intense chocolate egg layers. Again thank you for this.
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Breeds are hard to choose, I kind of like funky birds and kind of like old heritage breeds.  But in preparation of the zombie takeover I would enjoy some welsummers, in preparation of easter I would like some ameruacanas.

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Pick me! Pick me! I would love some dark egg layers like marans or some super blue egg layers. Any funky colored egg layer would be awesome - no bantams please.
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I would love some blue and lavender ams. Or anything
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