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Has Lancaster Fancy Fowl Been Sold?

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Hello Folks! I know there are other threads concerning this Hatchery.,and I must confess it appears as if the old owner had a few problems. They have almost every breed of chicken I want BUT I fear sending a money order in case of problems. They have nice quality silkies, Basque Hens, Swedish Flower etc. I just am apprehensive of the financial situation of the place. Please HELPFUL advice is so so appreciated!
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THEIR WEBSITE IS NOT FUNCTIONING PROPERLY ETHER.    Google search showed hours and said closing soon. :(

What particular breed are you looking for ??? there are many other hatcheries that have good reputations .. 


AND :welcome

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Thank you so much! I must say I was excited about their claim of SQ silkies, Basque hens, seramas, Swedish Flower, as I wanted all of this breeds in decent quantities. I was only left to seek out my beloved Pyncheons BUT I saw SO many bad reviews concerning money( I would definitely quarantine), I slowly became apprehensive! This site really IS helpful! And so are you! thank you!!!
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This makes me glad I go out if my way for hatching eggs and invested in an awesome incubator! I always quarantine regardless, but thinking about poor sick babies is heartbreaking!
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Absolutely correct!!! I really am scared to buy eggs BUT it does seem to be worth the risk IF you have a good incubator!!! I would really love to hear about a good incubator for chickens( banties to full size), turkeys and peafowl. I think it would be worth the investment....wink.png
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I have the GQF Sportsman, just bought it used for $500. So far it seems out of this world compared to the cheapies I've had before. Set it and forget it! But good luck finding someone selling them! I think people generally hold on to them because they are so great. My first test hatch is in now, eggs from my best friend, so we'll see how it goes.but I can say so far, the temp has been rock solid and that is one of the biggest hurdles with incubation.
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Thank you Dear;)
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Yes, Last winter the current owners bought this business. The kept the old owner on for a few months to help learn the business. The old owner let the business completely shortly after due to fights over the treatment of customers. The new owners are doing their best to fill orders, but due to the weather in the region there has been issues with birds laying, and with the number of males being hatched versus females. These are my chicks I got today from them, the light one up front is a Marunda Basque, with Rhode Bars, and Barred Rocks in the back. I placed my order on 3/01/2016, and Just got my chicks today (5/20/2016). The delay is due to he owner filling orders in the order received.


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