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Shipped eggs went to wrong county.

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So I ordered some rare eggs to hatch from a facebook auction of barbezieux and svart hona chickens.  They were paid for through paypal and shipped by the seller in a timely fashion.  However they then ended up delivered to the wrong county, the post office must have literally inverted some of the numbers in my zip code.  This has delayed shipping by 3 days (they left 2/1 with a delivery date of 2/3 and they are still lost in transit with an estimated delivery of 2/6).  Luckily they're cruising around in southern california, so the weather shouldn't be below freezing.  I know this is going to drop my hatch rates and these eggs were not by any means cheap.  My question is: Do I have any rights at all here?  The seller seems utterly indifferent as he shipped in a timely fashion and printed the label off paypal which did have the correct zip code, so really this is not his fault.  But still I'm out a couple hundred bucks to pick up eggs that likely won't hatch.  Has anyone experienced anything like this?  Do I have any options but to just pick the eggs up late and hope for the best?  Thanks in advance for any insight you all might have to offer.

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When you buy shipped eggs there are no guaranties. That is what they state when shipping them to you, that is what you agreed to when it was shipped. I only bought on Ebay one time, I get all my rare eggs locally now. I don't think 3 days will make that much difference. Good luck.

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Buying shipped eggs is a gamble. I have done it 3 times now. Only once was successful. 1st time they got lost for 15 days in the postal system, 0% hatched. The hatchery, Meyer, was awesome and resent some more eggs at no extra cost. I count that as the 2nd and I received those eggs in good condition even before the 1st set of eggs. The 2nd had a 67% hatch rate. My 3rd time was just last week. I got 18 eggs shipped out and they arrived in a timely manner; however, half of the box was squished and crushed half of the eggs. They were packaged quite well. Those are in the incubator and I have only 6 left that are showing signs of growth. It is a complete crap shoot with shipped eggs.

Like it was said above, 3 days shouldn't matter. If that is the worst thing that happened. I think that would be a good thing compared to what..... could happen. Good luck.
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I have had my money returned to me with U.S.P.S. I received eggs that looked great but were literally scrambled inside. They kept the shipping cost and gave me back the rest of the money.
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I went to the P.O. once and had a package to pick up, the guy brought the package to me spinning it on his finger like a Harlem Globetrotter. I said, "hey don't spin a package you don't know what is in there..." then he and some guy customer laughed at me like I was over reacting.

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