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Hi Deserteggs, I just watched your video. You have a lot of birds and so many varieties. Pretty flock!
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That's great Brentlyboy. I have never had quail. I am thinking it might be a nice bird to downsize to, if I am living in a really small space. A game bird breeder I know says that coturnix quail have been under domestication in Egypt for thousands of years, and they take really well to small spaces, if necessary. I am told you can put a male and three females in one three-foot box, and you'll have a breeding set for a couple of years. Apparently they can lay year-long, as most chickens do, and they lay maybe 160-180 eggs per year. Does this sound like what you've been told? Were you planning to breed? Or, maybe just collect the extremely yummy eggs? Just curious. Thanks!

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I breed mine and so far I have gotton 3 eggs! This is a ic of my eggs I set today:

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Originally Posted by Bekkaseggs View Post

Desserteggs22, what types of chickens do you have?
Wow, I have a lot.

Black Cooper Marans
Blue Copper Marans
White Silkie
Olive Egger
Blue Copper Marans/RIR cross

Red sex link
Marans (black blue cuckoo splash)
Blue Americans
Easter eggers
Baked necks
Barred rocks
Silver laced Wyandotte
Silkie (black)
Black Ausralorps
White leghorn
Buff orpingotns
Probably a lot more that I just forgot about

Also, I am selling their hatching eggs this time of year because I am having a really good hatch rate. So if any of you guys want some of their eggs, PM me.
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Anyone Else? 

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My chickens, that isn't all of them. tongue.png
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