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Bald patch

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I have A couple hens that have gotten a bald patch from to much loving from the rooster and they didn't mult this year is there A way to send them into a mult so they don't look so bad
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I would not advise sending hens into a false molt.

I would think if you either remove the rooster or use hen saddles on the affected hens the feathers will grow back without a molt.


These are seen on here often and if not buying them they are easy enough to make.

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X2. They will usually regrow those lost feathers with their first big molt around 16-18 months. Take your rooster out of the flock unless you have over 10 hens for him. Even at that, young cockerels will pick on the lower pecking order hens. You can make some inexpensive no-sew hen saddles with polarfleece and 2 slits for wings.

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i have 17 hens in with him and the hens are over a year under 2

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I would just use the chicken saddles for your hens it keeps your roo from accidentally ripping feathers off.

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