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Wanted: Heritage Breed Turkey-Hen

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$1 (USD)
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Heritage Breed Turkey-Hen

Will Ship To: Anywhere

We have a Red Bourbon tom that needs a friend and are looking for a heritage breed hen in the southern Virginia area (or northern NC). They will be free-range with our chickens and guinea fowl on our organic farm. I only put $1 on the price on the ad because the form required something and I realize prices vary.

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Hey Tairis,


   Not sure if I can post the link here and not sure how far it is from you, but have you checked Craigslist(s) for areas in Virginia. Specifically the charlottesville, Va craigslist. Someone in Warrenton has Bourbon Red hens on there posted 2 days ago. You can type turkey in the search bar, should pull it up pretty easily. Tried looking on The Livestock Conservancy breeder list, didn't find any that close to you so CL may be a good bet. Good luck.

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Thanks. I did see that. It's about 2 hours from us but we might just need to make the trip up that way. Looks like a decent possibility if we cannot find one closer. Seems as though everytime I find one in the general vicinity that needs to be re-homed, they have literally just sold her! Very appreciate you looking for me!

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Hi, just wanted to let you know that we did head up and get the three hens you saw in the CL ad. The facility was lovely and Happy Valentine's Day to our tom, apparently! Thanks for mentioning it!:thumbsup

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