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6 inch cut in skin

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I have a buff orpington we think was attacked by dog. She has a 6 inch cut on her back in her skin, didn't see it at first (it's under her wing) look a couple days old blood dried and skin edges are dry. What can I do to help her. She seems ok. Not sure if eating or drinking yet, I think she trying to stay away from rooster. Gash is where roosters mount her. Don't know if I should try to sew gash up??? Thanks for any help!

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The gash could possibly be from the rooster's spurs. It's not good to sew up a wound that is not fresh. You can clean it with Vetericyn, 10?% betadine, chlorhexidene, or peroxide. Then daily apply either Vetericyn, or a plain antibiotic ointment.  Do you have a picture? The skin should grow back together over a few weeks unless there is infection. Watch for any foul odor, redness, swelling, or pus. Is she acting okay and eating well? 

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I was looking at it a little better today and I think it is from the roosters spurs, notice a worn spot on another hen, and being under her wing didn't notice till last night. It looks like it could be 3-4 days old. Didn't notice odor, pus or swelling. She was out this morning doing her thing and fight for meal worms. So she seems good. It's a good size hole, I'll keep clean w/ antibiotic on it. Thank you and any suggestions for keeping it from getting worse, of course I know I can keep separated but would rather not have to do that. Again, Thank You.

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Another thought is to get your rooster at night off the roost when he is sleeping, and blunt his spurs by trimming them slightly or filing them down a little. Toenails might also need a trim.
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Duh! Didn't think of trimming his nails and spurs, will definitely start there. Thank, again!

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You're welcome. Good luck with your chickens.

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