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Homemade incubators

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My family can't afford to buy an incubator, and my grandpa's incubator was returned to him by who he had loaned it to with some pieces missing. So I was hoping to see some of all of your homemade incubators, and the plans to build it? Right now, to hatch eggs, I'm taking a risk to hope that I'll have a broody hen, lol. Thanks in advance to those who can help smile.png
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Hi there frow.gif

I've not made an incubator myself but check out this link for a coolerbator ~

Good luck thumbsup.gif
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all u need is aluminum foil, cardboard box, small light (shown in pic), egg carton (your choice)
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My incubator, incubating one egg right now, day 2.
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I put A little light like that in a Styrofoam box we get meds shipped in and the temp went to 120 on a dry run.
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Have you had any success with the cardboard box one I'm a flirt time hatcher an I need a back up plan in case my hen does not go broody on the eggs smile.png
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Are u asking me? If so Idk it's my first time trying cardboard box incubator
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Yes I was and do you know if it is working so far
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I'm only on day 3 but I think it's working...the egg is darker than the egg my hen laid today...hope that's a good holds heat well
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