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Does my chicken need Vitamin B?????

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Whats wrong with my chicken?? She has a drooped tail and cant stand or walk. She sometimes sits back on her 'haunches' and she shuffles around a bit. i think she might need some b vitamins, so gave her a few Kellogs cocoa pops as they are meant to be high in the b vitamin. she is drinking. when she goes to eat (which isn't often) she seems to not know where the food is, and just pecks around it. she also keeps closing one eye. she is cleaning herself, which i am taking as a good sign? also, there are black spots on her comb and around her face-what could these be?

does anyone know any natural sources of vitamin B??
do you think she needs to be wormed? we gave the flock of 3 other chickens and 2 bantams a dose of ivomec not long ago. also, her poo is quite runny.

i'm based in new zealand and it is very warm at the moment.
Thankou to any one with info

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Her poop is runny because of the lac of eating she is drinking making what she does eat that water is making her poop even runnier so I would give her some vitamin mineral supplement and try force feeding her some food to get some calories her to keep her poop from being so runny and just getting some food in her might make her feel better hope this helps if you have a farm supply store they should have the vitamin mineral supplement there
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Does she have an egg stuck inside of her
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we did find a bloody egg near here i think she was egg bound

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we don't have one nearby-we live right in the country. i have given her a crust with vegemite (a food spread full of vitamin b) and she seemed to like the budgies millet seed so i sprinkled that onto the vegemite bread. what other food could i give her that has lots of vitamins in it?


thanks for your help :)

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Eggs have vitamins in you could scramble her an egg. Oranges have vitamin c and sweet potatoes grape fruit pumpkin kale cantaloupe apricots peaches mangos hope this helps just make sure you don't give her lots of citrus
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Well if you have rubber gloves or something stick your finger in her vent about and inch or 2 to see if you can't feel an egg
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Those black spots could be fowl pox
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But her symptoms don't match up with fowl pox so I wouldn't worry about That that could be dried up blood spots if she is being picked on and I often find those dryed up spots on there face to that's what mine is on the chickens hope this helps
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thanks for your help-she was devouring sweet potato yesterday! she is now eating bread soaked in water, but has begun to pant. she has water but does not drink unless i put her beak in the water. i checked for stuck egg, there isnt one. i am a bit worried as we will be leaving the house soon and wont be back till late-how can i make sure she eats and drinks? we are reluctant to call or take her to the vet as the bills are very expensive.


thanks again :)

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