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Silky Issues

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We have a silky who has been constantly hanging her head. She normally sleeps with her head tucked up under her, but she has been doing it almost constantly. She has been very inactive. She has been eating and drinking, but it appears that she has lost some weight. Our full size chickens pick on her, and the other chicken we had with her passed of Marek's disease last summer. She is not showing signs of Marek's however. We have had her inside the house most of the winter because she just isn't able to keep up her body heat in her coop by herself. When she does walk around she seems off balance, for lack of a better word, almost drunk. Could this be caused by being confined in the house for the winter? Is she lacking something in her diet? Also, her legs and feet seem very rough, and recently one of the cracked and bled. Any advice or help is much appreciated!

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She obviously has scaly leg mites which can be treated by cleaning her legs in a warm soak of soapy water and gently scrubbing with a toothbrush once a week. Then apply an oil such as castor oil to her legs and feet, and massage the oil into her skin. Make sure that she is eating a drinking normally, and put some vitamins and electrolytes into her water. She could be dehydrated, but she also may be showing some signs of possible Mareks.

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Thank you, I will try that. Now that we've had some warm days, she has been spending some time outside and it seems to be helping quite a bit. We did get some electrolytes and probiotics today and added those to her water. Here's hoping she will continue to improve!

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Most chickens will eager eat food moistened with lots of water, chopped egg, canned tuna, and liver.Let us know how she gets along.

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