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Sick Ameraucana

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My Ameraucana, Lighthning is sick (again). A month ago she pooped out egg white. I took her inside for a few days. She ate but I had too force water. She layed about 6 normal eggs after that. But 2 days ago, she layed a super paper thin shelled egg. It broke when it came out of her. She acted fine he next day, normal poo and everything (except extra stinky) and today she's not moving much and not eating or drinking, I don't understand what's wrong with her. Do you know?
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She may be experiencing internal laying. Egg yolk peritonitis and salpingitis are 2 other conditions that can  be common in hens who lay soft shell eggs or have eggs break inside. They can also pass cooked egg-like material in their droppings. She may benefit from some antibiotics such as enrofloxacin (baytril) or others. A vet could prescribe the better ones.Here is some reading about those things:

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Now she's eating and drinking again, and digging around like they do. But I have another question. She was in the nesting box yesterday and didn't lay. Do chickens do that sometimes? Just think it's time, so they try even if they don't have too? I've had a few who go in the nesting box, don't lay, but lay the next day. Why do they do that?

I'm still fairly new to chickens.
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I think it could be related to a possible internal laying problem. You may want to Google "false layer syndrome" and look for the Merck Vet. manual link. I had a cuckoo marans once who went into the nest box almost daily, sat for an hour, and came out without laying an egg. I never knew why, but I figure that she had that.

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Is it deadly?
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Well, internal laying does not have a good outcome. But I'm not a vet, and a vet could probably do Xrays to confirm the diagnosis. The main thing is to try what you can to keep her comfortable, perhaps try some antibiotics that may prolong her life. But she may not have that. With chickens a lot of it is guesswork and we sometimes have to do a necropsy after they die to really find out what their problems are. Reading about the diseases is the best thing to do. There are a lot of threads or posts by speckledhen who knows a lot about internal laying problems.

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Yeah. I looked at it. I haven't noticed rubbery egg like poo. The thing that's throwing me off, is she's acting completely normal. Eating, drinking, digging around acting like she always does. She acted sick earlier, but fine now.
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I had a hen who I witnessed having an egg membrane sticking outside of her vent where a shell-less egg had broken inside. She continued to lay and eat, and hang out with the rest. About a year later she got very sick suddenly and died, due to what I suspected was egg yolk peritonitis.

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So what should I do to try and help her? In case it turns off to be that?
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Is there a particular antibiotic I could try?
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