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Enrofloxacin or Baytril is the best treatment, although the FDA has prohibited it's use in chickens. However if you are not going to eat the chicken, it would be up to you to use it. Many vets quietly prescribe it for chickens, and in Europe, it is not prohibited. Here is a link where to find it online:

Procaine Penicillin G, which is refrigerated and sold in many feed stores in the US under different brand names, can be used instead. Dosage is 1/4 ml given 1/4 inch deep into the breast muscle once a day for 4 days.Use a 20 gauge needle, shake the vial, refrigerate it, and alternate different sides of injection daily.

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Olay thank you!
Just one more question. Is this accurate?
If so, she is not showing any of these symptoms. She's acting completely normal and happy and fine. It's just that she went in the nesting box and didn't lay 2 days ago. That's the part that's worrying me.
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I'm glad that she is acting normally now. Internal laying can lead to egg yolk peritonitis, especially when an egg breaks inside. Since your hen experienced passing egg material in her stool, that can be a sign. There is no need to treat her with antibiotics if you want to wait and see if she has any more problems--it is just something to think about if he becomes sick. The symptoms described in the links can be when a hen is far along with disease, but eggs breaking inside or laid internally can be a setup for later infection. 

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Thank you for all your help! She's in the nesting box now. Fingers crossed she lays!!
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Well she didn't. sad.png if I get her X-rayed will I know for sure what's going on?
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