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One roo.
Tbh i dont know a whole lot so i cant be of much more help. You should ask about it in the threa di sent yiu
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I think my roo has a broken wing too. Can you describe what it looked like? I'm not sure yet. What did you do for him? Please help me.
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Well, it turns out it wasn't broken, but I would love to help! You might find this helpful? What kind of roo do you have?

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I have a Rhode Island Red. My family member kicked him in the wing. Today is the second day that he has been drooping his wing.
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That's sad!! Why did they kick him?! I hope my link helped.

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He charged at them. I think he's ok. He droops it every now and then. It might have just been bruised or something.
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I sure hope so!

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Me too!!! It still scared me to see him like that every now and then tho.
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