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My pet chicken hatchery has a chicken picking tool on their website. Just pick the traits you like and the computer does the rest.
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I'm still pretty new to having chickens; just got my girls last spring. I have one each of Aeraucana, Columbian Wyandotte and Barred Rock.Each girl has her own distinct personality and they all lay almost daily. The store that had the chicks really was not familiar with identifying the breeds they had there so I didn't quite end up with the breeds I thought I was getting but I love my girls for their crazy antics and different personalities. My girls are from Murray McMurray Hatchery and I would highly recommend checking them and their website out. My first Barred Rock went over my 6' fence and ended up in my neighbor's yard when his Rottweiler and Shepard were outside so sadly I had to get a replacement. Murray McMurray was very helpful with all my questions about getting a new pullet shipped to me and I kept my new pullet separated from the other 2 girls with a fence until they were used to each other. All 3 girls get along fine. They usually stay in the vegetable garden but I let them roam around the back yard when I'm home so I can keep an eye on them and they come running whenever they see me. The Barred Rock and Wyandotte will actually hop up the stairs and hang out on the deck with me some days and it's a full flight of stairs that they hop up and down on. Sometimes I sell or barter when I have extra eggs--it helps pay for their feed. But they are mainly pets that just happen to provide great eggs and keep insects under control in the yard. 

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I agree. I was surprised how much I enjoy them. The eggs are a bonus.
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I have a Buff Orphington,  a Cuckoo Maran, 2 Barred Plymouth Rocks, and 4 Ameraucanas. Hands down favorite are the Ameraucana's. I started off with 2 of them, then added 4 more because I loved them so much. 2 met an untimely death by opossum...heartbreaking!! They lay bluish green eggs and they are the richest egg (in my opinion as well as the Chef's on "Chopped" lol ) They are very docile, and they are the earliest to bed!! And they are just beautiful birds. My second fav would be the Barred Rocks.  My Buff is a BULLY, and my Cuckoo doesn't have much of a personality and is my biggest/heaviest bird. 

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O ya I have decided to get Breeder silkies white bearded or splash bearded I have tryed calling the Brewer twice but no answer they still breed them I just hadn't had luck getting ahold of them
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