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Bear bottom

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I went out to check on my girls and my Black australorp has lost all the fluffy feathers on her butt, belly and back of her legs. She is about 7 months old. I don't think she is being picked on. Any Ideas what it might be from? 

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She couldn't be molting at 7 months

Can you post a picture that would help identify

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I agree with BoomChickaPop --at only 7 months she wouldn't be molting. The only two things I can think of would be:
1. That she is or is preparing to go broody (hens remove feathers in that location to better keep their eggs warm and humid)
2. That she has some sort of feather parasite (check at the bases of the feathers for eggs/mites)

If she does have mites, then you will want to pick up some Poultry Dust at your local feed store and dust your whole flock --as mites are known to invest all birds.

Good luck to you and your bird!
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