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need help with family sick chicken

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have a older hen that's been in the family for a long time she was doing good until winter set in I had heat lamp in with her then one day she stop walking and cant stand  and she cant flap her wings but  her tail does move and she can move her neck but she cant seam to eat on her own I need to feed her by hand and I made a holder sling to keep her off her legs in the day then lay her on a folded up towel at night I do leg and wing exercise with her every day but no luck she seams to feel her lift leg she just cant move it and it feels warm but her right leg nothing no reaction she seams to be alert and know what is around her she just cant move I am having to give her sponge baths to keep her clean. so can anyone tell me what is wrong with her. her name is super chicken we called her that do to she layed some super big eggs CAN SOMEONE TELL US WHAT IS WRONG WITH HER AND IS THERE ANYTHING WE CAN DO TO FIX HER PLEASE )-:  you can email me" to days date is feb 8th 2016

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welcome to BYC older chickens don't typically get mareks  but it could be an option, another could be botulism was there any moldy food around that she could have gotten ahold of, the last and final option is that she may just be getting to the end of her life, you said she was an older chicken, those are my 2 cents.

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