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HELLO to all and thank you for the add!!!


I am in search of Pullet hens for sale around the Shreveport,LA area. Are there any members around this area that sale or know of anyone who sales pullet hens. I would prefer to buy local than to order offline. I am new to raising hens,  but am very interested in  obtaining some and begin learning for the purpose of natural eggs.



 Interested in : Plymouth rock, leghorn, Rhode Island Red hens.



Thanks in advance. all comment's, opinions welcomed.


Kyle D.

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Welcome to BYC!

A good place to look is on the "Where Am I? Where Are You!" section of the forum. Go there, find your state and pose your question there. Good luck, and enjoy your new hobby!
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Chickens off and on for 25+ years and still learning.


Chickens off and on for 25+ years and still learning.

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Also try craigslist.  I typed in Pullets in the Shreveport section and there were quite a few that show up near by.  I'm not sure how close most of those towns are so I didn't look through all the adds but there were quite a few nearby.

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