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Pheasant with ulcerated eye

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I have a pheasant with an ulcer in her eye. Her rim is bright red, and her eye is swollen. She occasionally opens it, but not often.
She was started on cipro drops in her eye on Saturday. Today she looks worse to me. She was given a shot of Baytril, 20mg. she weighs 1.9 lbs. Am I on the right path, or can someone suggest a different path to take?
Shes s really sweet bird. Thanks for ang advice.
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Are you seeing a vet? Both Cipro eye drops and injectable Baytril are some of the most powerful antibiotics around.

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Yes, I am. Just wanted to know if I could do anything else. Thanks
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Good to know. Is the outside of her eye swollen? Sometimes that can be due to a respiratory disease, which can be viral or bacterial. That might benefit from some warm compresses with almost all of the water rung out of the cloth. Pictures here are always welcome. Let us know how she gets along.

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I have figured out how to add pictures. Do you see how red the rim of her eye is?
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Yes I can see it now. I haven't seen anything like that before. Do you think that she may have been pecked?

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I don't know, but even if she had, what would cause the red ring?
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