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Am confused about this chickens

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Gray yellow poop with black spots, is this cocci? Two of my chickens died having this kind of poo stuck to their vent area. I cut one of them but couldn't see anything, though am not a vet. Just trying to know what's going on.
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Isolated one died again. Same way the othet two did. 44 down to 41black zartech. I hate to see my chickens die like that.
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Sorry for your loss. Chickens can have  many different types of droppings with coccidiosis, many times with blood, but in some strains, it may just be runny with a lot of mucus. When examining the intestines, you will probably see inflammation, bulging, and blood. Here are some links to read and some pictures of droppings with coccidia:


Coccidiosis Poop

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Thanks so much for the link and pictures.
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You are welcome and I hope the remaining chickens stay well.

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37 remained well. My local vet prescribed oxytetracycline. White bacilary dirrhea is what he called it(the poo).
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