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Injured Silkie

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My Silkie rooster has a wound on his leg that is infected. I've been draining it , cleaning it with peroxide and putting bag balm and wrapping it in gauze but I don't know what else to do. There's like white stringy thing that are in it and I have no idea what they are. He's also been sleeping a lot but he still eats and drinks. Is there anything more I can do to help him?
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Can you post a picture of the wound? The stringy thing could be a tendon. Peroxide shouldn't be used repeatedly. I would use some Vetericyn Wound Spray, weak betadine, hibiclens, or saline plus plain Neosporin or other antibiotic ointment daily. Is he walking and standing okay? Once the betadine or hibiclens is used, you only need to apply antibiotic ointment from then on. Vetericyn is just used alone. Wounds can get infected, and the infection can go deep into a bone.

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right now he can't stand without shaking and he's not really eating
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Is that his leg wound? I can't see much. Does it look infected or abscessed? How did it happen? Can you tempt him to eat some chopped egg, tuna, moistened chick feed, and put some SaveAChick or electrolytes and vitamins into his water? There are some good threads on tube feeding if you would need to do that. Many use feeding tubes and syringes from a vet, or can also use tubing and syringes from pet stores. Here is a link:

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Well it's yellow around the edges and a little farther up there's like a bubble and it always fills up with yellow fluid. A few times some solid white stuff came out one of them was like the size of my thumb nail. I'll look at the links that you gave thanks for the advice
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Try taking a better picture if possible. It almost sounds like an abscess.

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