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My hen not acting like herself!?

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One of my hens, Piper, is not acting like herself today. She seems to not be interested in anything. She isn't following the flock (4 other birds) and seems to just stand around as if balled up. I checked for egg binding, but I'm almost certain she laid today. All my girls seem to wanna use the same nest box. She is drinking water and walks around slowly. Still not sure if I correctly checked for an egg inside her, as I'm not quite sure "where" to be feeling. She pooped and one of the other birds tried to eat it. Never seen that before...ever. Couldn't get a real good look because the other hen was right on top of it as soon as she dropped her poop. Any ideas!? I thought maybe a broken egg inside, but I'm almost certain she laid, as she was the first to go back into the coop to the nesting box. When she came out, there was an egg. Please help! She is normally my most vocal and hyper hen...hence, the name "Piper".

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To check for egg binding, you just need to feel inside the vent an inch or so. It's possible that she could be passing some egg material in her droppings if an egg broke inside, or if she lays internally there can sometimes be cooked egg material expelled. You may want to bring her inside where she can get warm, offer some electrolytes in her water and a bit of chopped egg in addition to her feed. After a day or so, you may be able to tell more about her. How old is she? Older hens, and even some young ones can lay internally and develop problems walking, feeling bad, lower abdominal distention, diarrhea, and weight loss.

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She's a little over 6 months old. She's laid flawlessly since she started two weeks ago. She doesn't sit down, she just looks around and seems "bored". I don't know if maybe she fell off in the pecking order, but the other hens don't seem to mess with bullying, pecking, or avoidance. She's hanging out with the others right now. I'll check into the electrolyte thing.

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New layers can be a little irregular at first. I would check her to see that she is not egg bound or for a broken egg inside.

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Well she seems to be herself again. I have no idea what what was going on with her today, but it had me worried. I did find one soft egg (shell less). Don't think it was from her anyways. Thanks.

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