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Please help- ideas needed

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We have a 16x20 chain link dog kennel- 2 sides are privacy fence only. It has a cement floor and a section in the corner approx 6x10 that's covered by a metal roof. The privacy fence has very, very small gaps between each slat. We live in Northern Indiana so winters can get cold. Is there a way to make this into a coop without spending tons of money? I would really like somehow to make this kennel into a coop that can be used year around and attach a run to it.

TIA for any ideas.

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Definitely. I'd attach hardware cloth to it to help with predators. Now that also depends on how many chickens you plan on putting in there too.
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I was hoping to get 25. Do you think that would be alright?
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If you're making the 6x10 into a coop I think you'd only want 20 in the coop. And if my math is right, 20 would work in the run too. This also depends on what kinda chickens you're getting. Larger breeds need more space than smaller breeds. You may be able to do 25 . Hopefully someone with more experience will double check me .
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I'm 're -reading your post. If your planing on making the entire kennel a coop, you could hold more then 25 . I figured on the 6x10 as the coop and the remaining part of the kennel as the run. Sorry for the confusion.
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