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What's wrong with rooster's eye

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My brown leghorn rooster has a yellow eye, he's seemingly lost it permenantly. I've tryed putting Duramycin in their water but it hasn't been working. It starts with bubbly irritated eyes that is part of a respiratory infection I don't know exactly how to heal and though most of my chickens are fine one of them still has it and I don't want it losing its eye too, so any advice would be much appreciated:)
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You need to put some warm wet soaks on his eye for 10 minutes or so, then open the eye gently with thumb and forefinger. Use either saline to flush the eye, and clean out any gunk which is usually pus. Apply either Terramycin eye ointment or Vetericyn eye gel or wash twice a day. If you don't get all the gunk out, it probably won't get better. Since sick birds usually don't drink enough of the medicated water, you may want to try some Tylan 50 injectable, and give him 1.25 ml orally twice a day for 5 days if he is a standard rooster.
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