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Worm Dosage for mixed flock

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Hi, I have a mixed flock of 4 hens: 2 Belgian Duccles (about 1kg each), an Isa Brown (~2kg) and an Australorp (~3kg).  The Isa Brown in particular has been showing issues with laying and may be underweight.  Otherwise she seems fine, active etc

We have been getting a lot of smaller wild birds into the run lately so I am worried about worms. They haven't been wormed for a while.


I have some arisotpet chicken wormer and want to worm them but am unsure of the dosages.  It states basically 8ml/100ml of water for every 3kg of weight.


I have about 8kg of chickens.  Does that mean I just mix up about 300ml of water with 24ml of wormer and let them at it?  Doesn't seem right. 


Otherwise I can separate the larger two from the smaller two. In that case would it be 8ml/100ml for the larger and around 4ml/100ml for the smaller hens, and make sufficient volume of each to last the day?


Just not sure what to do, any help appreciated.

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I'd suggest following the instructions. I guess the treatment does not have to last a full day -as long as they have the required concentration of the treatment, it should be fine.


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It gives dosage instructions on this link, including to withhold water 2 hours before bedtime, then putting medicated water out at night so they will drink it first thing in the morning continuing for 8 hours. You need to mix up the amount your chickens will drink  in 8 hours. It's bascially the same concentration, no matter what each one drinks--they will drink the correct amount for their weight (ideally.)

Here is the link:

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I have no idea how much they drink, I just refill their water as required.


So it looks like I just mix up a batch of say 500ml with 40ml of wormer.


Thanks for the replies.

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