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Confused... Pasty butt or more???

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Ok, at first I thought it was just pasty butts, so I took to soaking rear ends in Luke warm water... Chicks still dying. I've lost around 95% of the chicks I've hatched. They seem fine one minute dead the next literally within hours. I've been told by the owner of our local co-op that it sounds like coccidiosis given the chicks go from healthy to lethargic, unsteady, flu-ish (some have been sneezing with runny eyes etc) then dead. Most have also had the poop build up on and around their vents. One I cleaned off very gently and as soon as I set him back down he fell over, stretched out and died. The co-op owner recommend an antibiotic other than the duramycin I tried before that's specifically intended for coccidiosis so I'm trying that. It's only been 24hrs but we have only lost 1 more, the other that was doing badly hasn't gotten better but no worse either. All my babies are kept in the incubator for approx 24 hours so they are 100% steady dry and warm before moving to our brooder in my bathroom under the heat lamp, I also have a heater in there for extra warmth given the below freezing temperatures at night. The bedding was pretty dirty for a few days due to a financial emergency but has been kept clean and dry, changing water every day, I drain the available water and put the remaining back in every few hours, fresh feed every day. I'm keeping all the new hatchlings in a separate unused brooder to prevent further infection. I'm so lost! It more started with eggs that were shipped, I made sure to only order from certified flocks.
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Do you know what the temperature is in the bathroom? A heat lamp alone should be plenty and they should have the option to get to an area that is a bit cooler if they so choose. 

My understanding of pasty butt is that it happens when chicks are dehydrated. I know you said you give them fresh water everyday, but if it's too warm for them they could still get dehydrated anyway.


I can't speak to whether or not it's coccidiosis because I have not had to deal with that yet. You are right to keep the new chicks separate though. I would also try supporting the sick ones with probiotics such as yogurt and apple cider vinegar.

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It usually runs around 70-75 degrees ferenheit in the bathroom. I have the lamp on one side, the water is on the cooler side of the brooder. I'll turn the heater down and see if that helps. Thank you so much!
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No problem, good luck!
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