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Cold snap

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Hi everyone, I'm new to raising chickens and I have 10 black australorp chicks I'm raising they are going on 8 weeks old and getting restless in the brooder...I want to put them outside where they'll have more room but here lately night time temps are dipping in to the teens should I build an extension on the brooder or put them outside? I have a coop and run ready for them but it still seems too cold...thanks for any advice!
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Welcome to BYC, they are feathered out pretty good what do your coop, and chicks look like, it might give us a better idea as to whether or not you could put them out and where are you located that might also give us a better idea.

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I live in Elkin NC, I would post pictures of them and the coop but they are on my phone and it wont let me log in on my phone for some reason.  I bought them all as a week old but some seemed to develop a lot faster than others, they seem to be feathered out except for a few still have a little fluff on their head.  I just cut the heat lamp off last night and a I mentioned before they were getting restless, I went to check on them this morning and two of them literally flew the coop.  I currently have them in my basement where it is around 55-60 degrees constantly.  They are outgrowing their brooder box and getting in each others way and flying around into each other.  I wish I would have built the box bigger, not sure if I should do that or let them go outside.

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yeah they should be fine to put out in the coop

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Thank you for your advice, I hope they don't get out of their brooder again while I'm at work lol.  I guess I'm gonna let them out in their run during the day when I'm off on Saturday and see how it goes and put them in the coop for the rest of the time.

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