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Thought I had a dead chicken!

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This morning I went out to feed and socialize with my flock when I noticed one laying in the corner of the outdoor run. She was partially laying on her side with her eyes closed. It looked as if she had passed away.  I prepared to remove her from the area, and picked her up, when she opened her eyes. She is still alive, but not able to stand, keep her eyes open, and will not eat or drink. I opened her beak and it seemed as if it was stuck together. We have had this flock of seven for 2 years now and have not noticed any problems. This seems to have happened overnight. She is a Rhode Island Red, she has always been one of our smaller ones, but have never noticed anything alarming. I have many questions, but, the most important right now.... will I be able to save her? I have her isolated in a box in the back of my bathroom, trying to give her water. 

Thank you in advance for any insight. 

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I posted on your other thread, but I did't know her age. She may be cold and dehydrated, so having her inside is good. Try feeding her some water with electrolytes (or SaveAChick, Pedialyte, or even Gatorade) by dipping her beak and giving her a spoonful up to her beak. Don't force any down or she can choke. Is she having any diarrhea? Feel of her crop for fullness or impaction, and look her skin over especially under the vent for lice or mites. Try chopping some egg or tuna, and offer some plain yogurt or buttermilk for probiotics when she drinks some. She may have been kept from the water or food, or she may have something unseen wrong with her. Does she lays eggs at this time?

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Thank you for your response. My program shut down on the first post and I wasnt sure if it went through or not. 

To my knowledge, she has been laying eggs, from the count I had the last few days. I did go to the local feed store and get probiotics as well as electrolytes. I did have to use a small syringe to put it in her mouth and she seemed to enjoy that, but she still will not take anything from a feeder or waterer. Thank you so much for your response. I will continue on and keep my fingers crossed. :)

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