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New Quail Hutch

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Afternoon!!! I'm a newbie to raising quail. We currently have 8-6 week old quail in our new outside hutch and 13-3 week old quail in the brooder in the garage. Here's the quail hutch my husband and I built last week. I'm still pretty shocked how well it turned out. We're pretty proud of it. Just thought I'd share 😊
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I don't like the looks of that.  You should send it to me so I can evaluate it over the next 20 years and tell you what I think.


Very well done.

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That does look nice, congratulations on a great build.

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Whoa! I love that!
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Looks great. We are looking to build something of a similar style over the next couple of weeks. Did you get instructions from anywhere or did you design it yourself? I've been searching google for inspiration.
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Very nice!!

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Here's where I got the inspiration for our hutch. Ours is a bit larger and we pretty much tweaked the whole thing. Let me know if you'd like me to post more pics from the original build.
We just added a lower level this weekend because I had 4 males that needed to be separated and 13 that needed to move from the garage brooder.

Oh and we got our very 1st egg!!!

Exciting!! Now all we need is 11 more and we have breakfast!! 😜
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