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Thanks, maybe I can find something, if not here, on a buyer review.  I try to keep from getting the neighbors started even though this is zoned agriculture. 

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Greetings Alll

    I live in Wake County , North Carolina.   I am allowed a rooster.   My neighbour doesnt have the same love of chickens and roosters as I do.   She is complaining about my rooster.   Today she called the sheriff who paid my house a visit.   Does anyone have any experience in crazy neighbours who could possibly take me to court on a noise ordinance even though livestock is allowed in my area?   





I live in Wake County, NC.  I am not sure if you got your answers, but I have answers for you first hand.  In Wake County, NC you can have roosters.  Matter of fact, you can have as many roosters as you want.  If your homeowners association does not say anything that would prevent you from having roosters, then no problem.  How do we know?  We live less than five miles from the capitol.  Our yard attaches to a single family home on less than 1/2 acre with over 200 roosters and chickens.  Last year around March 2016, we learned that in Wake County, you can have as many roosters as you want.  There are no restrictions.


You should not have any issues with one rooster. 


This is our yard:  and


Noise is not an issue -- Wake County does not feel this is a problem.  I hope you get this and I hope this is helpful.

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While you may be within your rights to keep the rosster, you have to ask yourself if it's worth having a potentially confrontational relationship with your neighbor or not. If they're super old and likely to kick the bucket or move soon then maybe you're in luck. Otherwise it might be wise to do without a rooster for a while until y'all can reach some sort of agreement.
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I live in North Carolina also, I live in a more Rural county near the mountains but I also live Super close to down town. I wouldn't chance having a rooster, my wife has a Cockatoo and the local cops already been to our home over him. Best of wishes

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