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@Wyorp Rock is crop isn't any smaller. I just found a woman who breeds silkies who said she will take him keep him inside and nurse him back to health Bc she wants to bread her silkies with him. I'm so happy Bc she knows more about silkies and I didn't want to keep a rooster anyway but wanted to find him a good home and someone who would take good care of him. Sad to see him go but hopefully she can help him feel better and he'll be with a bunch of hens which I'm sure he'll like lol. Thank you for all your help with him!!!!
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Awww, hate to see him go, but sounds like a win-win for you and the breeder.

Hopefully she will have more insight into the problem and be able to correct it.

I suppose he will be happy to have a bunch of girls to play with;)

Wishing you the best!

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