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rescue chickens?

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Hello, I have been looking into chicken rescue organizations and i was wandering how they get the chickens, like how do they get them from the slaughter houses? Also, does anyone know of an organization like that were i could rescue hens near or in redding ca? Also...... does anyone think that it is possible, at all, that i could somehow rescue hens directly out of a slaughter house,  like pay them to give me live hens?   P.S I am obsessed will rescuing animals, so it is bugging me that i haven't found any way to do so.

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I sort of checked it out a couple years ago here in Ohio. Words of caution to you. One infected/diseased bird can wipe out a whole flock & ruin the grounds for years to come. The reason for the birds being sent to the animal shelter would have to involve neglect or abuse. Sometimes chickens are also taken from hoarding situations.

Birds in slaughter houses have been debeaked. They are generally underfed and have very limited mobility if any. Some have broken legs. Many suffer from respiratory issues as well. I understand you desire to rescue them, just really do your homework 1st. Good luck!
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